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19 November 2009 @ 01:40 am
I think i already have a entry named voodoo o.O

everytime i lsten too voodoo by Godsmack i have to think of some amv that someone ever made with this song. He/she deleted it. AAARGH. I REALLY want to find it back ;_; i remember that at 'Candles raise my desire' you saw [it was from full metal alchemist btw] a flashback of ed/al and that girl ed and al tried to make a doll with alchemy for her but before you saw something ghost-y and she got scared. You saw her getting scared at that part. And i remember that you saw ed punching that dude that made the chimera [that part freaked me out when i found out that it was his daughter and the dog. I can even cry now. O.O] dont know where in the song that was. Anyway if someone knows which one i mean/has it/knows where i can find it TELL MEEEEEEEEEH

And i know now for sure i already posted something abou this before. Anyway i still have the pause-screen-what you get when you find a vid on some other site you know what i mean >.>

The file with that vid in it , i have it since:

22 October 2006, 4 years
I even have the link and stuff


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